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Mental Health has become a significant social and economic challenge for which we
have few solutions. The various models and techniques used by psychologists, social
workers, mental health counselors, among others have yet to demonstrate significant
positive outcomes. This is why mental health care is one of the major drivers of health
care costs in America.

Whether you are a clinician, a clinical supervisor, or program developer you have a
vested interest in monitoring the application of your intervention and tracking the
outcomes to improve care and better help those you serve.  One of the major hurdles is
how to best do this?  While there are a growing number of computer based practice
management platforms now available few provide the comprehensive set of tools
necessary to improve practice rather than just mange it.

Care4 represents a new generation of computer based tools aimed to bring case
specific evidence to the treatment you provide, the programs you deliver and the
services you manage. Care4 is not specific to any intervention model but instead a
platform to gather information about what you do and its outcomes in your own setting
and your own practice. Care4 is built to fit to your work flow and aid your decision in
each step along the way whether it be in service delivery, practice management,
research or program development. Care4 intends to help the user get more than they

The Care4 System

Care4 is the first of its kind clinical feedback systems that goes far beyond the functions
of typically practice management and cloud based approaches.   Unlike other systems
that are center around billing and administrative management; Care4 was designed
from the user perspective provide treatment planning, process measurement,
outcomes, and basic client management to users in an easy to use and clinically
relevant way. Care4 and its measurement system provide real-time information to
therapists, supervisors, administrators, evaluators, and researchers regarding model
fidelity, client outcomes, and service delivery. Add to this, you can produce all your
billing, send out invoices, and manage appointment calendars all within the same
system, all without having to re-enter data.’

Easy-to-Use Interface

Less is more then it comes to usability.  We brought in professional designers and usability experts and showed them a collection of online EHR systems then asked them to come up with the most intuitive user experience.  And we’ve maintained that commitment every since.  All our features are simple and easy to use.  Most users are ready to start after watching nothing more then a short video.

Do Things Your Way

If you believe that your institutions approach to mental health makes the difference then your EHR software shouldn’t limit you.  Flexibility is everything.

Systematic Implementation

 Systematic implementation of the system into organizations and program
 Video training and implement resources

 Online real time help and technical assistance
 Measurement, research & evaluation consultation


  • Member Management
    • Manage Teams within your Group
    • Different collaboration levels
    • Easy Group management with Drag and Drop
  • Research Based Measurements of
    • Youth Functioning
    • Family Function
    • Trauma
    • Mental Health Risk
    • Risk & Protective Factors
    • Alliance & Motivation for Treatment
  • Reporting
    • Automatic Outcome Reports
    • Group based Reporting
    • Over a dozen usage statistics
    • Customization Feedback
    • Dashboards
    • Administrative Reports
  • HIPAA Compliance
    • Nightly Data Backup’s
    • 128-bit Data Security
    • Offsite Data Backups
  • Data Downloads
    • Export to PDF
    • Export to Excel
    • Customize Columns & Rows
    • Group Based Data Download
  • Dynamically Fill PDF Forms
    • CMS 1500 Fill
    • Upload and Map your own PDF
    • Customize how Appointments Print using your own PDF
    • Customize how Documents Print using your own PDF
  • Free Patient Access Portal
  • Easy Assessment Development
  • Dynamic Assessment Questions
  • Custom Feedback Charts
  • Web 2.0 User Experience
  • Daily Usage Statistics
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Group Appointments
  • Incident Management
  • Incident Notification
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Integrated Billing
    • Simple Invoicing
    • Payment Integration
    • Eligibility Checks
    • E-Payments**


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